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༺ Storytime Adventure ༻ | All State Mini Contest

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09.07.2024 00:35:46


The last bit of light is finally choked out from dusk as the night settles in. Birds quiet their chirping, leaves cease their rustling, and the silence seems to make the whole world a bit darker. A few stars begin to overtake the sky above, but the moon seems shy and the path ahead shrouded in underbrush and uncertainty. Still, you trudge on, a beacon of noise in the night as you stumble your way ahead.

Up ahead is a break in the tree line, the path clearing somewhat as you make your way forward. Dirt and weeds recede, revealing long worn stone from many feet before yours. Who knows how old this path is? You haven’t the time to dwell on the thought; night is taking hold fast and whatever light that guided you before is dwindling rapidly, pushing you from the forest and into the clearing ahead.

The slight slope you’d been scaling reveals itself to be a large hill with buildings dotted upon its crest. Not quite large enough to be a town as you’d hoped, but enough to suggest someone, anyone, might be there to greet you upon arrival. Feet slick with last rain’s mud you climb, fighting both the incline and the clock in order to make it to refuge before something found you fumbling about, alone in the dark.

As the hill plateaus and the trail widens into something more suitable for walking, you discover that the not-a-town has ample things of interest to explore. A fork in your path shows trails that lead to an array of different buildings, but they’re hard to make out in the dark, nothing more than fogged shapes in your periphery. Straight ahead, though, is what you assume to be the place’s cathedral, its spires towering over you with a faint glow trickling out from beneath the main doors. With no other choice and the night creeping up your back, you enter.


… Another person! Or, someone you assume to be a person. At the farthest end of the nave atop the altar she stands, framed by stained glass and a glow that you haven’t the slightest clue as to where it could be coming from. The light warps, a halo surrounding her as she turns to face you. But before you can speak, she sets off, dashing from the altar into a door that presumably leads deeper into the building, the room now dimmer without her.


What do you do? Do you chase the woman deeper into the cathedral? Do you explore the nearby buildings? Maybe you leave all together and poke around in the gardens or neighboring forest? Perhaps you are a creature of the night as well? So many possibilities, all for you to explore!


Welcome to Storytime Adventure, a mini contest where the goal is to create and continue a story through each member’s contribution. Here’s how it will work: each successive post will need to have an outfit and a story that continues the previous entry. This is how it will look:

Person A’s look and story → Person B continues A’s story with an outfit → Person C continues B’s story with an outfit → Person D continues C’s story with an outfit, and so on and so forth.

Each entry must have an original outfit and an accompanying story. The addition must be enough to give the next person something to work with, so no single sentences! It doesn’t have to be as long as mine, just enough to ensure the story can be built upon.

Get creative! Take the story wherever you’d like, do whatever you want, be whoever you want to be, this contest is meant to be a collaborative and continuous bit of fun, so don’t feel obligated to stick to a certain setting, tone, feel, etc.


    ✦ Shop screenshots are allowed for all players regardless of level.  

    ✦ Only one outfit per player will be eligible for rewards. Feel free to submit multiple looks, just know that only the first will count for prizing.

    ✦ If you'd like to also submit a look and story from an alt account, please specify which account you'd like to be rewarded! Entries from alts are allowed, but only one prize will be given per player.


    ✦ The first 10 valid entries from Antitheocra will be awarded 100 diamonds each.

    ✦ The first 10 valid entries from any other state will be awarded 75 diamonds each. 

    ✦ Instead of a deadline, as each entry is prized, I'll update this counter below to reflect the remaining prize pool!

Remaining prize pool: 9 Antitheocrans, 4 out-of-state ximbos

09.07.2024 00:35:46
☆*- кαтяуиαн -* ☆  Join my ALL STATE contest, Storytime Adventure, and my Anti x Secville contest, Punk vs. Prep

Here's Pollyx's educational forum post about Israel's apartheid and genocide of Palestinians!
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vampirevampirismvampires plz interact
Level 194
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09.07.2024 02:41:28

Ooh, OOH! So up my alley <3 <3 Here goes!
… Another person! Or, someone you assume to be a person. At the farthest end of the nave atop the altar she stands, framed by stained glass and a glow that you haven’t the slightest clue as to where it could be coming from. The light warps, a halo surrounding her as she turns to face you. But before you can speak, she sets off, dashing from the altar into a door that presumably leads deeper into the building, the room now dimmer without her.

You scramble after, yelling "Wait!" but the stranger makes no attempt to stop. Your chase of the mysterious figure is quickly cut short as the door she disappeared through turns out to have mysteriously locked behind her. No matter how much you yank it of yell after the stranger, the sturdy red wood does not buckle. That leaves you at a bit of a loss. This was the first person you had seen for... you weren't quite for how long exactly. You were going to ask her where you were, what this townlet was called, if you could stay here for the night, and so on. Why had she run? Seemed like an odd way to greet a stranger searching asylum in a cathedral. Maybe it would help if you knew a little bit more about the cathedral itself.

It is a little difficult to make anything out in the dark, but faint moonlight shines through the stain glass windows just enough for you to see what is in the hall. Somehow the construction seems odd for a place of worship. Rather than the pews facing the altar at the back, everything is arranged in a circular pattern around a black circle on the floor. As you got closer, you see that it isn't a circular carpet or a mosaic on the floor but a deep black hole like a well. You can't see the bottom but dropping a small rock (that has been rattling around in your shoe for hours) down the cavity proves that there is water at the bottom - somewhere far, far below you.

Backing away from the frightening drop into the unknown, you continue exploring the cathedral. Twisted around a huge pillar nearby, a spiral staircase leads onto loft above. Perhaps you could find another way further into the cathedral there? Or somewhere to sleep? You climb up the stairs hopefully but find neither. The second floor seems to just be filled with candles and religious items of note. You stop in front of a white statue twice your height. It depicts a crying, yet content-looking woman partially obscured by a large hood. A rusty key hangs from her neck in a metal chain. She must be a deity or saint of some sort. You, however, do not recognize her nor the pantheon she must be a part of.


While her holier-than-though expression isn't familiar to you, it does remind you of... someone - but you can't quite remember who. Someone important to you, you are sure. It is right on the top of your tongue but, no matter how hard you try, the answer eludes you. Maybe it isn't all that important right now anyway? For now, you should decide what to do for the night. Maybe you could find a blanket and a corner to sleep in? Or you could go back outside and find someone else to help you? Or, if you dared, maybe you could see where that key hanging from the statue's neck goes?

09.07.2024 02:41:28

Furiously drawing new designs 

Level 46
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09.07.2024 02:58:53

While her holier-than-though expression isn't familiar to you, it does remind you of... someone - but you can't quite remember who. Someone important to you, you are sure. It is right on the top of your tongue but, no matter how hard you try, the answer eludes you. Maybe it isn't all that important right now anyway? For now, you should decide what to do for the night. Maybe you could find a blanket and a corner to sleep in? Or you could go back outside and find someone else to help you? Or, if you dared, maybe you could see where that key hanging from the statue's neck goes?

Hesitantly, you reach out and take the key. You fully expect the statue to move, and your body preps to dash away...However, nothing seems to happen. That doesn't make you any less frightened at the idea. You grasp the key tightly, keeping a close eye on the statue as you slowly leave the room. You swear you saw the head move as you finally made an exit, however you weren't about to go back to check.

Slowly, you walk down the long, twisting halls. You check every door to see if the key will work, however it feels as though it takes hours to find the right door. Exhausted, you finally hear the lock click and you manage to find what seems like a bedroom. You feel joy for the first time since entering the building, glad to finally have a place to sleep. It seemed to appear at just the right moment. 

However, that joy quickly fades as you see that you are not alone in the room. A woman smiles at you from beside the window. Its a coy, gentle smile.The woman looks normal as well...However you can't help but feel as though something was off. Why was she sitting in a locked room, and was she the one who locked the door? She moves, gesturing to the bed. "Sleep. I will watch over you." 

Do you speak with her? Do you take her up on her offer? Or do you run and try to find your way out?

09.07.2024 02:58:53
Level 26
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 13613
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09.07.2024 05:01:39

Unable to fight it any longer, you slowly drift off to sleep, staring at the woman with suspicion and unease. "Well, aren't you unlucky," a voice chirps as you open your eyes with hesitance. The scenery around you is strange, unlike your other, less vivid or lucid dreams, it was foggy and unfamiliar, everything just a random combination of shapes and colours with no particular meaning or purpose. You face the voice, slowly turning in its direction.image

"I mean, does anyone want to be here? Really?" it mocks you, voice neither distinctly male or female despite it's feminine form, equally similar and completely different to the various statues and iconography of the cathedral. You try to reply, but nothing comes out when you open your mouth to speak. It laughs, "You took the key, right? Oh, I remember when I took the key," It holds a small cat plushie up to its face, pitching their voice up, "I thought it would be fun. An adventure. And then I was stuck here, and nobody came to save me. Sad, isn't it?" You don't know how to respond, whether to pity it or not, it seemed as though it got plenty of joy out of your misery here. It threw the plushie down, promptly disappearing into the clouds beneath the two of you.

"They were supposed to be nice to me. I just wanted to play the other kids. We can play. What are you into? snakes and ladders? Naughts and Crosses?" In an attempt to explore this new place, you walk around, finding you don't fall through the ground when you step out. This irritates your company, though, who chatters on endlessly, trying to entice you to play. "I asked her if we could play too, but no, it was nap time she said. You can't trust anyone in that village, they're all the same." You whip your head around to ask further questions, but again, you're rendered silent, voiceless. It notices your attempts to respond, materialising an identical key to the one you'd just found, throwing it at you before it vanishes in your hold, "Well, go on then, get out of here. My friends are going to wake up soon, they'll want to say hi. It's not often we get newcomers." 

It steps closer and closer, before you're face to face with it, "Wake up. You've got a long journey ahead of you."

09.07.2024 05:01:39
Level 74
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 311596
Reputation: 140463
Posts: 858
09.07.2024 13:55:55

Dear MOFA and State Minister Katrynah ♥️

Thank you for this moment of fun and creativity. ♥️

✿❀ My outfit ❀✿


✿❀ My Writing ❀✿

As you try to escape from your dreams and awake once more, a gold magic circle forms,

Within the center, a rope of gold wraps around your body, binding you tightly.


"Awww, what do we have here? A little lost one?" ♥️

You try to struggle free from her binds but the Succubus before you wraps you in her gentle embrace.


(Okay, sort of gentle. >_< )

As she snuggles your face to her heart, you feel serene, a sense of calm even within the dangerous demon's softness.

You manage just to peek up. seeing her red lips grin, her tantric giggle dispersing all curses away from you.

This may contain an anime character with red eyes and long hair

As she strokes the strands of your hair with her silk gloved hands, she whispers her truths of your strengths and your beauty.

This may contain a man laying on top of a bed next to a woman with her head in his hands

Your ears hear soothing chimes from the gold chains and rings at her hand that seem to hypnotize you and remove all stresses as well as pains.

This may contain there are many umbrellas hanging in the air

Her blue eye look at you as her delicious prey, its powers consuming your hopelessness and worries from you, while her other eye is hidden by the crimson wave of her hair growing ever longer from her head.

Without warning, she hexes all over your face with her red lips and lipstick, marking you with enchantments that blesses your days and assures pleasures in your nights.

This may contain a woman with long black hair is brushing her teeth and holding a lipstick tube in her hand

Binding you with great lucks and well deserved prosperity for your work you did and adventures that you're about to partake.

"Go forth, Dear Adventurer. Your many challenges await but please worry never. Only press forward to all of your victories." ♥️


A portal opens, as the Succubus lets you go, helping you to move forward from your yesterdays, to your tomorrows ever more.


✿❀ Misc ❀✿

I tried my best with matching the gifs as they were so difficult to find. >_<

No interest in winning contests but I want to participate for fun. ♥️

Please do not give me Diamonds or Bimbo Dollars for contests.♥️
Please and thank you ! Do have a victorious week ! ♥️

09.07.2024 13:55:55
Level 40
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 50695
Reputation: 36970
Posts: 1486
10.07.2024 20:33:17

realized i misunderstood the prompt, here’s the continued story <3

You awoke with a start, the lingering whispers of the succubus still echoing in your mind. The room was dark, the remnants of your dream clinging to you like a shroud. Shaking off the uneasy feeling, you rose from your bed and made your way to the window. Dawn was breaking, and the first rays of sunlight were filtering through the trees outside.

The forest called to you, offering solace from the haunting dream. As you wandered through the woods, you stumbled upon a clearing you had never seen before. Standing in the center was an elf with an air of grace and mystery. She introduced herself as Genevieve, a druid of the forest.


"Good morning," she greeted you with a warm smile. "You seem troubled. Is there something on your mind?"

You hesitated, unsure if you should share your strange dream with a stranger, but there was something comforting about her presence. "I had a disturbing dream," you admitted. "A succubus spoke to me”

Genevieve's eyes sparkled with curiosity. "Dreams can be powerful omens. Perhaps I can help you decipher its meaning." She gestured for you to follow her deeper into the forest.

As you walked, Genevieve spoke of the balance between light and darkness, of the ancient magic that flowed through the earth and sky. Her words were soothing, and you felt your anxiety ebb away. You reached a grove where an ancient, gnarled tree stood, its bark covered in intricate runes.

"This tree is a portal to another realm," Genevieve explained. "It is said to hold the answers to many questions, but it requires a willing heart to pass through."

Intrigued, you approached the tree. "What kind of realm is it?"

"One of mystery and magic," she replied. "But also one where shadows linger. It is not without its dangers, but for those who seek the truth, it can be illuminating."

You hesitated, sensing a shift in the atmosphere. Genevieve's eyes seemed darker, her smile more sinister. But her words had enchanted you, and the desire to uncover the secrets of your dream was too strong to resist. You placed your hand on the tree's bark, and a door materialized before you, shimmering with an otherworldly light.

"Go on," Genevieve urged. "Step through and find the answers you seek."

Taking a deep breath, you pushed open the door and stepped into the unknown. The air grew colder, and the light dimmed. You found yourself in a dark, twisted forest, far more sinister than the one you had left behind. Shadows danced around you, and the whispers of the succubus returned, now more menacing.

Realization dawned too late. Genevieve had tricked you. This was no realm of enlightenment, but a prison of darkness. You turned back, but the door had vanished, leaving you trapped in this nightmarish world.

"Welcome to your new reality," Genevieve's voice echoed through the trees, now filled with malice. "Enjoy your stay."

10.07.2024 20:33:17
  hot ximbos upvote each other xx

Dean Winchester
Level 35
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 33793
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Posts: 870
11.07.2024 06:44:53
Dean Winchester

as you wander the forest  ice starts to form on the ground. frost covers the plants and trees. you can see your breath in the air.

you are now on a blue ice path that leads to a snow covered castle. in the path stands
he looks at you sexily. somehow he isnt cold and you wonder how that is in your head.
as if reading your mind and hearing your unspoken question he says

you stare at him
you blink and he's dissipated! the castle and surrounding village are now ruins, and there is no trace of the man. snow still covers the ground and the trees.

11.07.2024 06:44:53
Level 36
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 34347
Reputation: 31354
Posts: 1040
11.07.2024 13:45:35

As confused as you are from the mysterious princes sudden dissapearance, you decide to continiue your journey… towards the forest. To the now ruins castle. You were scared of this dark portal trap, but you try to keep it cool. Feeling succsessfull so far. Still, you hope to make it out.

You feel that you should be scared, but somehow, you feel fine. It feels welcomeing despite the icy cold for some reason. You still feel enchanted by the prince. Like somehow he is your frosty elven ice guardian in the journey, hey maybe he is watching you, protecting you.

While having this fuzzy feeling you think to yourself “what other magical beings are hiding in the forest?” all of a sudden, you hear steps coming towards you.. you are so excited! Is it a magical deer, maybe a friendly baby polar bear? A snow elf??? Oh my!.. You go towards the sound…

“OMG FINALLY SOMEONE!!!” you hear as you see a partially naked young woman running towards you.. she is also companied by an animal on a leash that you cant quite make up yet… as you try to see the small furry thing… the girl falls very ungracefully, you cringe… you see that her nose is bleeding. 

“You okay?” you ask… genuienly concerned but also dissapointed to see a bimbo ass bitch instead of a mythical creature. She answers “omg yes dw!! I am lost! Can you show me where the skii resort is?” Now that she is closer… you see that she is practically wearing nothing and she even keeps tugging on what looks like literally a thong!!! But you kept the wisdom from the beautiful prince… his voice echos in your head: 
you smile… 
NOW WHAT WILL YOU DO??? Do you tell this dumb bitch that there is no damn resort in this enchanted magical forest? Do you get away fast as you can? Maybe she will give her ferret to you? Or maybe you decide to help her somehow? Or maybe she can help you on your journey to the castle…
Will you be able to get back out the portal and maybe see genevive? I say get your revenge girl…

(ps: loved your part sm dean!!! Definitley was so inspiring for me! The glitter text and the beautiful story almost brought a tear to my eye… hope you guys enjoy my part too..)

edit: i edited some grammar mistakes plus made it more cohesive with the whole story. its minimal tho my story still is the same, thank you katrynah for the creative contest idea and everybody else who participated

11.07.2024 13:45:35

Level 235
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 10848277
Reputation: 768735
Posts: 26001
12.07.2024 21:51:51

The wind howled, a mournful symphony through the endless white open fields. There was nothing except the snow, blindingly pure, stretching out in every direction. 
You took one more look at the girl next to you deciding what to do with her. Truth be told she lookt way to dumb and clumsy (her bleeding nose was a proof of that) to be left alone in here. 
'Would you like to look for skiiresort together?'
Girl started to twirl around in excitment.
'YES! I'm Bonie btw. What's your name hun?' she asked.
'My name? There is no need for you to know it. I'm still not sure if you even are real. You can be another dream or I'm just hallucinating due to cold, hunger and exhaustion.'
Bonnie roled her eyes as noticably as she could 'Hun you are one crazy cookie!'
I couldn't help but to grin examining her once more from top to bottom 'Loud words coming from someone wearing a thong in -30°C..'

Days turned into nights as we wandered aimlessly, my body numbed by the frigid temperatures, my mind questioning how I'm still alive without food and wather. The unending whiteness created a surreal, dreamlike realm from which I yearned to escape. But every path I and Bonnie ventured down led only to more open fields covered with glistening snow.
Just when my hope began to dwindle, a flicker of movement caught my eye. Amidst the blinding snow, a ethereal figure emerged. Its skin was as pale as ice, its eyes a piercing blue that seemed to penetrate my soul. It was a succubus, a creature of temptation and deceit.
'Lost traveler, we meet again.'
She whispered, her voice as sweet as honey.
'I can offer you a way out of this frozen prison.'
Relief coursed through me, but caution gnawed at my mind. 'What is the price?' I asked warily.
The succubus smiled, its lips parting to reveal rows of razor-sharp teeth. 'A simple choice...' 

What is the choice offered to Bonnie and our lost hero? Will they be saved or the journey is still far from end?

12.07.2024 21:51:51
Marie Hilton
Level 65
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 210482
Reputation: 34518
Posts: 130
21.07.2024 16:06:37
Marie Hilton

'Lost traveler, we meet again.'
She whispered, her voice as sweet as honey.
'I can offer you a way out of this frozen prison.'
Relief coursed through me, but caution gnawed at my mind. 'What is the price?' I asked warily.
The succubus smiled, its lips parting to reveal rows of razor-sharp teeth. 'A simple choice...'

What is the choice offered to Bonnie and our lost hero? Will they be saved or the journey is still far from end?
Blood pumping, they looked at each other. The lost hero was confused and Bonnie too. They furrowed their brows before looking up to the goddess. 
''I bring you to the resort and you get me a man to eat.'' Shock was on the heroes' face, were they really subjected to this dilemma ? Giving one of their own kind to get out of this cold ? Their minds numbed by the freeze, was rationalizing the choice, they needed to get out. After an instant, Bonnie and our hero finally nodded to this choice. The succubus talked again; ''Good. When you get at the resort, you bring it to me.'' The travellers started walking, following this demon, to the resort. Their minds couldn't bear the pressure of this. It just wasn't ethical. Night passed, day passed, and on the second night; they arrived. Taking their boots off at the door, the two mortals entered the resort bar. Looking around, a sickening feeling was crawling in their stomach. How would they do it? 
After some time, the travellers decided a drink would be necessary for this. They sat at the bar where a bartender was cleaning. 
She asked if they wanted a drink, which they answered with the affirmative. As they were watching her mixing their drinks, they discussed the incident. Before their drinks were poured, the bartender spoke again. 

''This one.'' She whispered as she pointed to a patron. 
''I'm sorry?'' The hero answered.
''You're not the first with this curse. Just do what I say; you will bring this man outside as an offering.'' 
The travellers looked at each other and took their drinks before walking to the man. 

''How is your night sir?'' Bonnie asked. 

How will this end? Is the goddess gonna be sastified? Are they gonna be able to live with this guilt ? 
bartender fit lmao 

21.07.2024 16:06:37

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