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Pink House Government Feedback Thread

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Level 187
Status: Prime Ximbo
Sex Appeal: 5156638
Reputation: 65761
Posts: 1588
23.02.2024 11:45:33

ikubun wrote:
I really like the direct links in the faq to make navigating easier <3. I think having a part that talks about favoriting bimbos could be helpful, I had a hard time identifying which button to click to favorite when I first joined. I also think a quick blurb in the duels that says the chances of winning each type of duel could be helpful. Piece of cake and extreme are more obvious but the ones inbetween that I still don't really know about. How hard is tough?

Maybe I'm misinformed but I thought that winning debates or fights would award me some tokens? Does posting in the forums grant me reputation or is it only when my forum posts are liked by others? 
Here is a link to the wiki page for the duels. At the very bottom there is a list of the duel names in order of difficulty. Tough is right in the middle, you have I think a 50/50 chance of winning them or slightly below, its a bit of a gamble. Anything higher than tough I personally wont do. If you wanna look at the wiki again when you are on site and don't have the link, if you scroll to the very very bottom of the page there is a very small button that will take you to the wiki's main page. The info is somewhat outdated though, for example PXFC is called Drag Queens Fashion Contest.

Reputation is given when someone's likes your forum post, not when you post. I personally have a habit of just auto liking a post to help out with people stats, also posting on the "reputation help" forum is a nice place to have a chit chat and passively gain rep points. Disliking does nothing.

You gain tokens by voting in fights and debates, so its good to get in the habit of voting as much as you can to start accumulating a stash of tokens. You can also buy them with diamonds. 

23.02.2024 11:45:33

Level 49
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 90696
Reputation: 59622
Posts: 2566
26.02.2024 00:14:02

i second the thing about a guide for favouriting ximbos.

I remember at the start not knowing that that was a button and not just some random symbol. Also many new plays dont understand that the favouriting system is one sided. 

26.02.2024 00:14:02
she/they learn mandarin with me ^v^
like peoples forum posts and comments.
comment more than you receive and ill make sure to comment on your profile!
Level 68
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 244829
Reputation: 111140
Posts: 667
26.02.2024 18:21:26

I just checked out the new changes done in the wiki by the new government of Bxdcherri. ♥️

Thank you so much ! This was what I wished I had in the past when I stared playing years ago. ♥️

I had to depend on lots of frustrating trials and terrible errors, which made me almost rage quit Ximboland, due to how lacking and misguided the old and outdated wiki is.

It was only when I had the kind guidance of the many State Ministers (such as Dear L ♥️) who took the time and effort to teach me how to even use the website properly. ♥️
My humble gratitude to the new government of Bxdcherri and its members that are making great updates in the Wiki, that will help us players, both new and existing. ♥️ 

26.02.2024 18:21:26

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What is Ximbo land ?
The Internet republic of Ximbo lands is the worlds first Internet republic.

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To unite the world.

Where is Miss Bimbo was much better than this site.
The Internet republic of Ximbo land was created by Miss Bimbo herself and is its more intelligent successor. The old site was for junior bimbos. This site is for intelligent Ximbos.

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Ximbolands Flag

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Bimbo City

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There are 6 states that make up the internet republic of Ximbo lands. They are ­ Atheistia, Freethinkerland, Reasonopia, Agnostica, Secville, and Antitheocra. Bimbo City is the neutral administrative capital and is its own city zone. Boob Island is the home of the President of the Internet republic of Ximbo land

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A ‘Ximbo’ or ‘Ximbo citizen’ is a member of the internet republic of Ximbolands community.

How can I become a Ximbo citizen?
In order to become a citizen of Ximboland you must first pass the Ximbolands citizens test. It is free to become a Ximbo citizen.

What is a Ximbo senator?
A Ximbo senator is a senior member of the Internet republic of Ximbo land. Only senators are eligible to put themselves forward for election to become State Ministers and then ultimately the Prime Ximbo.

Who is the Prime Ximbo?
The Prime Ximbo is the democratically elected head of the Internet republic of Ximbo land.

Where does the Prime Ximbo live?
The Prime Ximbo lives in the Pink House for the 4 month term they are in office.

I want to become Prime Ximbo. How do I do that?
Any Ximbo citizen can become Prime Ximbo using the democratic process. Its a 3 stage process from Senator>State Minister> Prime Ximbo. All Ximbo citizens can vote in general elections but in order to put themselves forward to become Prime Ximbo they must first become a Ximbo senator. All Ximbo senators are electable as state ministers. State Minister elections take place every 4 months also. Only state ministers are eligible to then become the Prime Ximbo.

Can I become Prime Ximbo more than once?
Yes ­ a Ximbo can hold the position of Prime Ximbo for 3 terms max.

How often do elections take place?
The Internet republic of Ximbolands holds elections every 4 months for Prime Ximbo and 4 months for State Minister.

Where do important discussions take place?
The Forum.

What is the treasury/Prime Ximbos salary?
The treasury/salary is the bank account of the Internet republic of Ximbo land. This figure is transferred to the paypal account of the Prime Ximbo at the end of their 4 month term in charge.

How is the treasury calculated?
The treasury is funded by the Ximbo citizens.
A percentage of the money paid by Ximbo citizens via Paypal and SMS is transferred into the Ximbo treasury. The rest is wisely used for further game development.

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How old must I be in order to become a Ximbo land citizen?
Anyone over the age of 18 are welcome to become a Ximbo citizen.

When are the national holidays of Ximbo land?
Jan 1st ­ New years day
Feb 12th ­ Darwin day
Feb 14th ­ Lovers day
March 8th ­ Womens day
March 21st ­ Spring solstice
April 13th ­ The Hitchslap Day (Christopher Hitchens birthday)
May 3rd ­ National day of reason
June 21st ­ World Humanist Day
Aug 2nd ­ The Internet republic of Ximbo land national day
Sep 21st ­ Peace one day
Dec 25th ­ Newtons birthday

What is the currency of Ximbo land?
The Ximbo Dollar (B$). Currently it is pegged in value to the US$

Who is the President of Ximbo land?
Miss Bimbo is the president of Ximbo land. She founded the bimbo nation in 2007 after escaping the tyranny, bigotry and and conservatism of the old world. You can read more about her here and here


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