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Level 89
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10.08.2022 21:31:32

Valeg91 wrote:
Hi everyone!
I want to show you my first curvy bimbo in a positive way!
Very difficult to dress up, the boombo's clothes are terrible! @[email protected]
Even the shoes are wrong and I had to cover the leg with a bag :P

Valeg91 that is so good! Come show off in the plus size bimbo thread in the fashion forum!!! The plus size body and the scarcity of plus size clothing present a real challenge (much like real life, high five to fellow fatties) but creative layering is key and you did great!

I don't think I'd heard of "pastel goth" as a distinct look--though I had certainly seen it in the real world--until the last round of contests and I really enjoyed the many layers of pastel hair and all the textures and accessories, hard and soft playing off each other with this look. Also I would totally wear purple tights printed with phases of the moon if someone would make them for a short fat person lol

10.08.2022 21:31:32
***queerness intensifies***
Share the fat pride and liberation here:
Disability/Mad/Deaf/Crip pride here:
Level 72
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 292110
Reputation: 95923
Posts: 2021
11.08.2022 09:31:33

Thanks Queerla, I posted there too! :)
I want to say that CinnamonSugar is one of the first bimbo I've seen here and I found original her idea to have only curvy outfits (and I saw your idea is the same)!
I'll try to make other outfits like this in the future :)

Here's my alternative look.. 
Maybe I could change something in the future, but I love the hair, because I made them with at least 15 different kind of hair ;)
It seems like a colorful wig, but it's not! Valeg91

11.08.2022 09:31:33
Thumbs up!
Level 29
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 18389
Reputation: 11991
Posts: 27
12.08.2022 06:50:02

I love so many of my outfits, but I think I'm gonna have to say this one is my favourite as of right now.
This one is my favourite because I just absolutely love Valkyries! Made this one for the Bimbo Wars event.

12.08.2022 06:50:02
I like when the math rocks go clickity-clack
Catnip Everbeans
Level 39
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 46308
Reputation: 29104
Posts: 19
13.08.2022 04:55:44
Catnip Everbeans

This is my living dead girl bimbo. It started with the idea of a bride of Frankenstein character but done feminine / sexy rather than spooky. It sort of evolved as I went along finding pieces that sort of matched what was in my head. The finished product isn't quite what I had envisioned due to limitations, but I'm pretty happy with it.

13.08.2022 04:55:44
Level 89
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 559308
Reputation: 145477
Posts: 2122
14.08.2022 22:01:07

my trashy clashy cunty alien hoe queen. i wouldn't say she's my favorite look idt but i wanted to put her in here because even though her fashion choices are questionable, i personally love her. 

14.08.2022 22:01:07
your reluctant optimist 
Level 63
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 197366
Reputation: 24391
Posts: 437
10.09.2022 09:32:53

here’s my bastardized version of cinderella that’ll be used as an example for aveda and i’s contest (which is coming out later today! woohoo!). i foolishly thought this would be an easy fit to make, but boy was i wrong. the bustle corset i was hoping to use did not actually come in white & the skirt here is wonky as hell, not to mention the sleeves that i’m using have the heart on the chest showing up a little bit on the upper arm lol. i wanted to use a blunter bang, but with the contour my ximbo has on it was not to be :-( as moving the hair layer with the bun had to be under the contour to get the hairlines to match up. rip.
all in all, i’m kinda proud of her! she’s a little funky but she’s got the spirit. put her under pop culture bc i’m saving cosplay for utau hoshina from shugo chara. i wouldn’t call this look a favorite of mine, but i’m not mad at it and i wanna boost thread ;-)

10.09.2022 09:32:53

Level 42
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 57156
Reputation: 17332
Posts: 75
10.09.2022 16:21:36

this look is over a year old and quite simple but im very attached to it.. her name is zdzisia. she found herself swaying on her feet, at the break of a foggy autumn dawn on a graveyard after a really bad bender, tormented with the hangover of a century. the concussion on her head is not helping in the slightest. is this blood hers or someone else's? where the fuck are her clothes? was the party worth it? (spoiler: it was). fortunately for her theres still some of the cheap wine left in the bottle and a half-smoked, slightly crushed cig in her pocket. she kinda wants to go home but this whole situation is a #vibe ngl. also shes not risking throwing up. she can make sense out of this whole affair later.

10.09.2022 16:21:36

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