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[Shop Items] Himbo Shop Requests and FAQ


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Level 10
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 692
Reputation: 944
Posts: 2
27.02.2024 08:17:49

hi, necroing this thread - please move this post if needed! since this is a himbo shop-specific request, i thought it was worth putting here.
would it be possible to get individual ears for layering for the himbo head base like the bimbo shop has under skins? :-)
and possibly a foundation like these shaped to the himbo face instead of the bimbo one? (there's already ones similar, but they aren't transparent which makes makeup layering slightly more difficult) 
thank you!!

27.02.2024 08:17:49
  // ambercrystals himbo account
Level 74
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 319700
Reputation: 36065
Posts: 408
27.02.2024 21:48:25

Wasn't sure if this is the correct place for it, but is there any way we could get the 'delete me' and other such placeholder items removed from the shop? You would not BELIEVE how many times I've accidentally bought duplicates bc I didn't notice the name until after purchase/forgot I'd already bought an item and picked up its evil twin.

27.02.2024 21:48:25
you wanna fuck me so bad it makes you look stupid.
Level 125
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 1541477
Reputation: 47240
Posts: 704
27.02.2024 22:03:53

unfortunately shop workers aren't in the practice of deleting items because it would delete them from people's closets! they say "delete me" due to previous renaming incidents and ideally to discourage people from buying them but because they are brought out by chests or purchased we don't want to delete them because then people would lose them and it could mess up outfits, etc.

as far as I've been aware, these items aren't going to be deleted so you don't have to worry about them going missing—and that's the exact reason why we don't want to delete them. the goal is to not add duplicates in the first place for future items... make sense? <3

27.02.2024 22:03:53
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It is Tony Hawk
Level 16
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 3104
Reputation: 2987
Posts: 24
07.04.2024 08:17:31
It is Tony Hawk

Hi, I'm Tony Hawk. Stoked to see the shop stacked with skateboards. It's awesome to witness the growing accessibility of skateboarding gear for Skimbos (skating bimbos).

Just a request from your friendly neighborhood skater: helmets are crucial! Whether you're hitting the streets or tearing up the park, protecting your dome should always be a priority. Trust me, I've had my fair share of spills, and a helmet can make all the difference between getting back up and ending up at Dr Chop's clinic.

Would it be possible to get some sick helmets and safety fear for my fellow skimbos in the himbo shop?

07.04.2024 08:17:31
DEEZ NUTS420yolo
Level 12
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 1170
Reputation: 1905
Posts: 38
15.04.2024 13:32:40
DEEZ NUTS420yolo

Hello dear shop team!
I have a rather unorthodox request no doubt, but I noticed a discrepancy between the boyfriends and girlfriends available. Whereas the boyfriends' dress styles vary from casual to formal, the girlfriends are all dressed as if going out. Would it be possible to get some casually dressed girlfriends? Shirts, pants, skirts, you get the idea. Presently the situation feels a bit unequal. On the same topic, I would love to see some older looking boyfriends and girlfriends. I feel like a grandpa among all these youthful himbos and bimbos haha!

I also would love if the muscular skin could receive the same treatment as the basic skin - it is hard to use when it's not cut up into several pieces!

Last and most certainly not least, TUMBLEWEED! Nothin' gets me in the Western mood like a good ol' tumbleweed!

Thank you in advance, lovely shop team!

15.04.2024 13:32:40

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