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The People v. indigodream

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Poll: Is indigodream guilty of committing fashion crimes?

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Level 187
Status: Minister of Justice
Sex Appeal: 5194683
Reputation: 73446
Posts: 1999
31.05.2024 17:09:05

This may be a little dramatic, but imagine you spent hours on a piece of art, carefully painting every detail, dedicating time to make it exactly how you pictured in your head, only to find out later that it’s been copied by someone else, and no credit is given what so ever. 

Obviously creating art takes a lot more time than an outfit, but I still dedicated my time to create something I was happy with. I tried different combinations, different layers, different colours, spent time cross referencing the Christine cosplay, went back and forth with L to see how our outfits matched together and got her opinion on many different occasions. 

I’m not the best with outfits, and by no means am I even close to the most stylish people on the site, but dress up is such an important part of this site for me, and it’s what drew me into joining bimboland in the first place. 

Some people find copying the highest form of flattery, while others find it upsetting/annoying. 

After I dedicated time and effort into my outfit, I unfortunately find I am feeling the latter. I’d be flattered if it was inspiration that was taken from the outfits, but it’s not. 

We appreciate that this trial isn’t as serious as some of the other ones, which is why no one is getting banned. If we in the Pink House are supposed to be putting people on trial for crimes against fashion, is this not the best way to approach that? In a fashionable republic, would copying not be considered a crime? 

This trial is to discuss all that, and any “punishment” necessary. It might be like with Chris’s case there isn’t an actual punishment, it’s just for site engagement. Or if the people see fit, some form of punishment can be put forward. 

Personally, I feel because Indigo never messaged me about taking the outfits, and has nothing on their profile indicating they were taken from me or given me any form of credit, this to me indicates indigo is trying to claim the outfits as her own. And for that, a simple apology and acknowledgment that they are indeed my outfits would suffice for me :) 

31.05.2024 17:09:05

Bimbo Pimp
Level 60
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 170396
Reputation: 34640
Posts: 1121
31.05.2024 19:36:38
Bimbo Pimp

Cherri, I'm wondering if you're really seeking punishment for her? You seem to be leaning towards that direction. In the meantime, I hope you're doing alright after Indigo's decision not to give you credit. Not receiving that dose of dopamine from compliments must be frustrating. It is dramatic however we do like drama here in Ximboland. Good on ya, mate.

I also like bad fashion trials, where we can poke fun at someone's outfit. But in this case, the only thing is calling Indigo a copycat or not. It would be entertaining if she were present to defend herself or better yet, give the middle finger.  That would be gold!

31.05.2024 19:36:38
Pronouns: Master, She who must not be named, Daddy

Level 76
Status: Prime Ximbo
Sex Appeal: 345385
Reputation: 110638
Posts: 1957
31.05.2024 23:15:33

Bimbo Pimp: Yeah, obviously the case is open for indigodream to defend herself. That's very much how it works around here. <3

31.05.2024 23:15:33
Level 59
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 159326
Reputation: 46933
Posts: 2279
05.06.2024 12:35:15

This trial is even more pathetic than the ones everyone was dragging Chris for, lmfao. Not surprised though, the current government are known for making mountains out of molehills for attention and interaction.

05.06.2024 12:35:15
I am pro-Israel, DNI if pro-Palestine, thank you!
SweetasNuts parody
Level 22
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 8281
Reputation: 6923
Posts: 505
05.06.2024 20:09:27
SweetasNuts parody

this not people v indigo but pink house v indigo.
pink house picking on a loyal xitizen of our great nation. i see no time stamp when indigo or QUXcherri made outfit. teh verdict is not official cause halo messed up in making and made poll and people only voted on poll. TEH TRIAL GOT NO OFFCIAL VOTES!  pink house try to cheat system so their friends can vote guilty with poll.
didnt think anyone could be worse they QUXcherri and her govement but halo seems take title as worse prime ximbo on top on worse state minister.

if any prime ximbo take way anyone stats when they not outright cheat game you will be teh only full dictator ever.
if this you halo idea about trial and take stats away or if was somelse in your goverment idea either way is sabatage to you ad NO ONE WILL VOTE FOR YOU AGAIN TO BE PRIME XIMBO IF YOU MESS WITH PEOPLE GAME STATS!

05.06.2024 20:09:27
#Shut up and buy the Ximboland history book!

SweetasNuts FOREVER
Level 20
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 5975
Reputation: 3494
Posts: 151
11.06.2024 16:13:18
SweetasNuts FOREVER

XOD of Bimboland wrote: (original post HERE)
They are close, but they are not copies. In both instances the outfit by indigodream is an improvement over the Bxdcherri outfit. Download each image and crop them from the waist up. There are enough differences to make a claim of “copying”...
XOD of Bimbolands said it all  In both instances the outfit by indigodream is an improvement over the Bxdcherri outfit.
This trial is all about envy and cringe 

11.06.2024 16:13:18
Cringe House will take me to trial because they cannot deal with teh loss with grace 
I am NOT original SweetAsNuts. UX want to deceive you with teh false claims that original SweetAsNuts is SweetAsNuts FOREVER.
Don't ask what Ximboland can do for you - ask what you can do for Ximboland. Put on big bimbo pants and buy some bimbo dollars!

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