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Festivities and Holidays: The Flutter 2.0 [Issue 1]

Honey Beee

Poll: Do you celebrate any holidays?

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Honey Beee
Level 212
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 7577742
Reputation: 130954
Posts: 2361
09.12.2023 01:49:07
Honey Beee

Hi Dear Secvillians and Ximbos,

Welcome back to The Flutter, picking right back up from where we left off! For those who don't know, The Flutter is meant to be Secville's weekly/monthly thread with a dedicated topic each week. Everyone, from Secville or not, is encouraged to participate! Since we are around the holiday time for many people, what a better way than to kick off this edition than talking about holidays?

There are many holidays around the world that are celebrated towards the end of the calendar year. There are also many traditions that come along those holidays, which can be very fun for many people. Holidays are also a time where we remember those who are gone, and get ready for a new year. I personally love the holiday time, even though it can be a difficult moment at times. I thoroughly enjoy decorating and spending time with people that I love!

So what do you think? Do you like the Holiday Season? Do you have any particular traditions/rituals that you do around this time? Share with us all your thoughts!!

Much love <3

09.12.2023 01:49:07

Level 68
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 244829
Reputation: 111142
Posts: 667
09.12.2023 05:19:48

Sweet greetings Dear State Minister Honey Bee and all who are here! ♥️

For me, it would be parties. Lots of parties.  ♥️

From work, to friends, to parents, in-laws and even hubby. ♥️

I end up needing to do lots of planning, preparations and management but all worth it! ♥️

Thank you, Dear State Minister Honey Bee for starting this forum topic! ♥️

09.12.2023 05:19:48
Level 187
Status: Prime Ximbo
Sex Appeal: 5156638
Reputation: 65780
Posts: 1588
09.12.2023 16:46:38

I absolutely love Christmas time. Every event usually I’m so unorganised and it’s so chaotic, but for some reason I can do Christmas really well. I’ve always got presents bought, I leave nothing until last minute, and I have a wonderful Christmas week. (My family celebrates it for the whole week, we all love it so much).
This is the ONLY time of year I am even remotely organised, usually I’m all over the place the entire year. 

09.12.2023 16:46:38

alexa pro
Level 69
Status: Fashion Police
Sex Appeal: 251956
Reputation: 82699
Posts: 1130
09.12.2023 17:15:15
alexa pro

i used to go to my grandparents house on my mothers side with all of my aunts/uncles/cousins for christmas but unfortunately, my grandpa and grandma have since passed away </3, so this year it will be very different and i will be visiting my parents and having a meal with just them and my sister (and our two dogs lol)
my friends in town also set up a secret santa thing this year (tomorrow we actually exchange gifts!!!) and that should be fun!!
otherwise i work part time on days leading up to holidays due to the nature of my job

09.12.2023 17:15:15
current member of fashion police, DM's are always open for questions or concerns!

Level 118
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 1303519
Reputation: 41333
Posts: 483
09.12.2023 18:19:07

holidays are valuable for me because of family and friends. for the xmas season, I absolutely love giving gifts, especially fun and unique ones that fit people's personalities. I know when someone gives me a surprise gift, it makes me so happy. sadly this year my spouse's school only gets out for winter break super late so we will be spending christmas just the rwo of us, not traveling to family </3 but we'll video call with them and honestly my spouse and I are both massive introverts and it's been an overwhelming year so I don't mind spending it alone, though I do hope I can go to some family events after they finish school.

personally I love winter aesthetic (I grew up somewhere with snow, though it doesn't snow where I live now) so I love that about this whole season, but I find some christmas music and imagery to be a bit grating... not to deprive anyone of fun, that's just me ahaha :) I was in choirs for many years as a kid and teen and I think singing so many christmas songs over and over perhappssss made me a little jaded. but I'm hoping in the future when we have a kid that I will get back into the holiday spirit to enjoy it with family!!!

based on gifts from family and buying them for ourselves, my spouse and I ended up with FIVE advent calendars this year >.< but it's super fun to have something to look forward to every day!! 

09.12.2023 18:19:07
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Level 25
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 12016
Reputation: 9056
Posts: 40
09.12.2023 19:05:50

I love the holiday season! My tradition is to make cards and cookie boxes for as many people as I can, and make cinnamon rolls on the 25th! 
It warms my heart reading other’s posts!

09.12.2023 19:05:50
May the new year bring you peace, happiness and security. May your mascara never run and your lipstick never fade!
Level 28
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 16169
Reputation: 7130
Posts: 214
11.12.2023 03:55:15

Oh my gosh, totally feel you on the holiday vibes! I'm obsessed with all the festive decorations and spending time with fam and friends. Plus, the food? Totally! Give me all the seasonal treats! Personally, I'm all about stuffing myself full of local seasonal foods. It's like one of the best time ever!

11.12.2023 03:55:15
Level 75
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 332866
Reputation: 25993
Posts: 716
12.12.2023 05:25:59

I love the holidays!!!

I'm Russian and in my family we don't celebrate Christmas on December 25th. Instead we do things such as gift exchange, dinner, Christmas trees on December 31st to celebrate the New Years!!! I think our version of Christmas is sometime in January 7th???????? something like that but my family doesn't do anything for it lol. When I was a kid my mom would give a small gift on December 25th for the vibessssssssss.

my boyfriend goes out to his hometown during the December holidays, rn he's there for a whole month from Nov. 31st-Dec. 31st. it  kills me cause I wish I could be with him cause I know deeper down the line I would celebrate Dec. 25th with him and his family but it just hasn't worked out yet. I had the chance to go this year but the tickets got soooo expensive by the time we looked into it and I've been blessed to have the 2 week break at the time that it is because on my second day back to school I have a exam. later that week a final. lmfaoooiavhraiowhvraoiawhorwvhowahrv :') my break is going to consist of working and studying. whatever, next year during this time ill be finished school and On my way! to do the nursing exam SOOOOOOOOOO I'M EXCITED!

12.12.2023 05:25:59
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