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06.12.2022 20:30:40

My Diary can be found in the "About Me" section of my homepage.  This will be the "overflow" section of it.  As I run out of screen space there, I will move the oldest posts here. Hope you enjoy these Ximboland tidbits I'm collecting!  Note: You are welcome to leave comments.  I won't respond to them (here) but the invitation is open...besties!

Day 44 - Christmas Day
Merry Christmas Besties.
Do you have a Favorite Bestie of 2022? A Best Bestie! Omg...tell us who it is! And show us your favorite fit of theirs! Go here:

Update: This is a tough one. No one wants to say who their favorite Bestie is, because that might make their other besties raise their eyebrows...I know I would!
So...with that in mind...I will announce who my Favorite Bestie of 2022 is on New Years Eve...and I don't think anyone will raise an eyebrow.

I think we will all be raising our glasses!

Day 43 - Christmas Eve
This place is wonderful.

Day 42
Well...I hired an Architect
to make a door for My I can get dressed in private! Here's what it looks like with the door open!
And here's what it looks like with the door closed!

OMG! What's going on! Oh my lord...

I have to hire a builder to build and install the door! The architect only gave me the drawings!!!

Day 41

Isn't this just the cutestest thing ever?

Liveangel has the most awesome GIFs in her comments section. I love them all and this one is bilarious! (30 Rock)

Day 40
Beryl's is packed! Me and some of the girls are heading over there...

Plenty of time left.  Coffee up!

Day 39
Merry Christmas to all the Senators

Day 38
I just challenged LillyAnn to EVERYTHING! Madness!
Update: I got slayyyy'd!

Day 37
I don't know about anyone else...but I just love going into my dressing room/closet - a closet with no door - to try on outfits.  Everyone else seems to have a door...but not me.  This is a conspiracy!  Wait...there isn't even a closet! Are those my parents!?

Day 36
I realize that the Duels are somewhat of a mystery, or a chore, for newcomers to our enchanted world. For the first two months I pretty much ignored them, along with crazes, contests, and the Forum! But one day in October '22 the Duels came to my attention like a thunderbolt...and I have been dueling religiously since then. How religiously? Perhaps a little story is in order...

Last Saturday night I was at a party. I was talking to a rather handsome young man and all the sudden my dueling alarm went off on my iPad. I said "You will have to excuse me, but I have to take my Duels". He asked what duels were? I responded "Do you want to watch?" He said "Sure...why not."

We went over and sat on the couch and he watched as I took my three duels. He seemed very interested...and he liked the spinning wheel and the gorgeous Ximbos on both sides of it. At the end I looked at the leaderboards, and closed the app. "So...what did you think?" I asked. "Oh that looked pretty neat" he responded...with that know the one.

Needless to say...he made breakfast for me the next morning. He was a very good cook.

The Duels have benefits.

Day 35 - Lower Level Duel Slayers
Wouldn't it be something to see one of these currently Top 100 lower level duelers end up in the Top 20 (page 1!) of the Duel Leaderboards at the end of the week? It can be done...because I saw one level 11 do it a few weeks back...almost! She got level 21. I bet she was exhausted.

It's only Tuesday. Those scores are not far from the leaders, or each all. Shall we sweeten the pot? Yes.. I think so:

Any...and ALL low level Duelers (level 17 and below) on that list above who can finish in the Top 20 at the end of the week gets a Fistful of Diamonds gift from me.  No trophy. Just the Diamonds...but I may make a trophy anyway...if this one particular dueler I have in mind can pull this off. <3 k

Day 34
Oh my...The Senate has called a session until Friday. Some sort of "Roll Call"...I don't think anything important is on the docket...but I better go to the Senate Chambers and check in. Senators have a Secret Forum where all this stuff is announced...Even if you are just a one day Artifact Senator you might want to check in...better safe than sorry. Plus the bar and grill is bar! Senator's Perks!

Day 33 - addendum
You can only win one (1) Slayto’s Gold weekly Duels contest during any 4 week period.
There are only 2 weeks left in this year.  And then it’s over.
Who will be the next two winners?
1.  Purple - 5067 Cups
2. PrincessPixie - 6400 Cups
3.  ?
4.  ?
Will one of those two be you?

Slayto is staring at me..."Aren't you going to tell them the Big Announcement?"
"No. I'm going to keep it a secret...for now."
"Take your Duels girls. Katie is hatching something."

Day 33
If you missed the last half hour of this week's missed one of the most epic Slayings in a weekly duel in the History of Ximboland...
Congrats! to PrincessPixie for showing us all how it is done!

Day 32 
In the novel Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, which is 800 pages long, he starts off well, but then goes off into the data weeds, naming and chronicaling generals and soldiers and god knows what else...for 60 pages! It is enough to put you off the book entirely. Data! Yuck. seems as if I was going to go down Victor Hugo Lane! Well...there will be none of that in this diary! We have a Duel closing in one hour! To the ramparts Katie! A trophy must be made!

Day 31
The highest possible score for one week in the Duels (no refills): 6,720 cups (@20 Cups per duel)
(960 cups per day) Maths says so…you can go a little higher if you get more than 20 cups on some duels.
Just keep that stat handy each day and week...

If you only have one artifact slot...try buying a second one. Put a pillow in it. It will cut your sleep time recovery in half: two for one. During this pillow in an artifact slot gets you 6 hours worth of sleep: six for one I ignored the pillows for so long. Now I'm using them.

Day 30
Ok...I've challenged everyone to a PXFC fight, except for the last 20 - The TOP 20! These last 20 challenges...the Top Dogs! The Cream of the Crop!..have to be one of the most reckless acts of fashion suicide I could ever contemplate, and will be unleashed tomorrow...after which I will duck and run for cover!  Holy Schnikowitz!

Day 29 - The Dreaded Beauty Parlour in The Shops

I have been avoiding this section of the shops since day one. But with the craze yesterday staring me in the face, I had to make a decision. Was I going to finally brave the makeup labyrinth and figure it out? Those tiny, almost imperceptible little thumbnail blips that surely made little difference to an outfit...what was the big deal!?

Well...boy did I find out. Those weren't just lip colors and eyebrow paint. They were facial expressions! Hundreds and hundreds of them. I was floored.

So I went through each category, starting with the faces...and started putting anything interesting into a wish list. And I mean anything...that I thought would match the emotions or moods of my character, Katie. It turned out to be one of the best shop days of my short Ximboland Career.

I stripped down buck naked, put on ONE wig...and plowed through the eyes and lips and eyebrows and mascara and lips and mouths and tongues and...oh yeah...that naked thing...I have no idea how to change clothes in I guess anyone could see me stand the buff...swapping out this and that and whatnot for hours...but I didn't care. What the hell! I was on a mission. Birthday suit modesty be damned!

In the end I got some new things and learned a new skill...facial expressions! They are almost as important as the outfits and backgrounds. Maybe they are equally as important. The face tells a story. Got it! <3 k

Day 28
Look how festive and happy the decorations are around this place. Isn't it just awesome!?

Day 28
OMG! There are 64 pages of outfit fights!

Day 27
This is what "outfit failure" looks like...

I hear that if you go below a 10% win rate they throw you in jail.

Day 26! OK then!
I've been hoarding my tokens for the last few weeks and now I am ready to unleash them on an unsuspecting populace.
I am going to go through the "Full Results" of the by one...and challenge you all to a fight! That's right on one. All 204 of you!
I have no doubt...that I am going to get...absolutely annihilated!
Slayto is laughing at me right now...oh you!...just wait til she sees the outfit I'm planning for her! Ha!  I'll give her a mustache!
I'll start on page 11 and work my way backwards...towards
This is terrifying!!!

remember...keep it 5:4! hahaha!

Day 25 - Things I love about Ximboland
1. Waking up to find numbers on any or all 4 of those notification thingies...

This morning I had a nice message from Becca.

Day 23
Look who I found in the Duels...

Everybody loves Amber!!!
Congrats to all the winners, and all 204 girls who entered! What a thrilling outfit slayride!

Day 22
OMG! The voting ends in a little over an hour. Time for one last vote. I'm so excited to see the winners I can't stand It!!

Hurry! Get over to the Forum and guess the number of entries in this PXFC! Winner closest to the correct number gets a Fistful of Diamonds Gift from me!

Day 21
King Arthur is sitting at the Round Table with his knights and asks “What quality is best in a Knight?”
The group comes up with many answers, but they cannot seem to agree on any one quality.  
Arthur spies Merlin milling around the fire, and puts the question to him.
”Merlin, what do you say?  What quality is best, in a knight?”
Merlin hems and haws and talks around the question as if he wants to avoid answering it.
Arthur, growing impatient, tells Merlin to stop speaking in generalities and just answer the question!

Merlin snaps back…and delivers one of the greatest lines in movie history.

“Alright then!  Truth!  That’s it!  It must be Truth!  When a man lies he murders some part of the world.”

Day 20
Dear Diary...Slayto told me to make her an outfit. I have no idea what to do. Do you have any suggestions?  I suppose some sort of tunic? Of course she's a blonde...but this one is gonna be a doozy. Def' coffee time.  Get back to me on this, dear diary. thnx

Day 19
If every state had a sports team...I wonder what would their names be?  Honestly. I have no clue.

I suppose the monkeys, eagles, fish, owls, deer and butterflies will suffice...dear diary.
But for some reason...I am left wanting...what else is new!

Day 18
Well I've been working for 4 hours and not getting a lot done TBH...I applied for a job as a Fashion Designer and I had no experience whatsoever and someone in Ximboland hired me anyway! What!? Ok then...I've got my pieces of paper and my colored pencils and my nail polish and cup o Dunkin Donuts caramel latte...did I say nail polish? I didn't mean to. There's tons of girls here working...LillyAnn, Sandi, Becca, slasher, Kitten, Janeze, Sihyeon, Kandi, chewtoy...I have no clue what their jobs are but they are very professional looking! They are all probably better at their jobs than I am...I should go back to being a lawyer...but the pay's not as good. Being a lawyer sucks anyway. Muuaah - workers!  See you at the gym (bar) later!

Day 17
I have a secret favorite to win Slayto’s gold this week and I’m not going to say who it is but she’s a level 12 and she’s hot.  This message will self destruct in 30 seconds.  

Slayto: “No it won’t.”

Day 16 - addendum
You can only win one (1) Slayto’s Gold weekly Duels contest during any 4 week period.
There are only 3 weeks left in this year.  And then it’s over.
Who will be the next three winners?
1.  Purple
2.  ?
3.  ?
4.  ?
Will one of those three be you?

Day 16
Since June, participation in the PXFCs has gone way up. Three of the 5 contests since then had over 200 entries. This is, I think, a record. This month...there has to be over 200 entries as well. What happened in June...that brought on this sudden burst of energy?

Oh that's right. LillyAnn became Prime Bestie.

Day 15
Is there anything better than this in all the land?


Day 14

Day 13
Make an outfit for every job in the job list? Not possible...unless we can make the right backgrounds first...but maybe those already exist...there is a bike somewhere for Paperboy/girl...some car ones for car washer...oh dear I need coffee.

Day 12
The site being down last night reminded me to SLAYVE (save...but in a slay way) all my outfits and other stuff I worked and slayved over for hours and hours and case one day the site goes down and never comes back up. I can't imagine if I had more outfits than I do atm...and they all got memory-holed. All that work you all do...Amber saves all her outfits and pieces of them into an excel file. I thought that was genius. (slayballs)

Collect lots of Favorite Ximbos. That way you can see when they log in and get all excited.

Day 11
This place is so much fun I have to splash cold water on my face to calm down sometimes.
I'm exaggerating of course.
No I'm not.

Day 10
I just logged in and got that little New Day Relationship Rewards pop up thing and I was flabbergasted! All three of my Besties are Senators! Wow! This calls for a little champagne party in the Senate Chamber Bar and Grill! Maybe we can find a 2-girl band to play some music! I'll go to the Club and ask around. Musicians hang out there.

Day 9
I posted this to Blecky's fun little photo challenge thingy in the forum. It is Day 8: Cozy Knits Day! My cozy sweater and leg warmers and booties are just the thing to keep warm and cozy during these cold winter desert days and nights...
Stay warm cuties...muuuuuaaah!

Day 8
No matter what is going on in the world right now, I feel blessed to have been born during an age where The Wizard of Oz and It’s A Wonderful Life both exist.

Day 7
(Week 49 of 2022)
I woke up this morning, opened my eyes and there was Slayto staring at me from the ceiling.
"Good morning sunshine, I have something I need you to do...on that little Diary you started."
"Christ, Slayto, can't this wait? I'm not even conscious yet", I moaned.
"No! It can't. I want you to finish that little gold trophy you started making. Put my name on it. Then get ready to give the winner of this week's Duels a Fistful of Diamonds. And for goodness sakes don't announce it. Just do it."
"Ok Slayto. Anything else?"
"Yes. Anyone with more than 12 Gold Duel Trophies is ineligible. And so are you! That little stunt you pulled last month was really something. I mean..."
"Yeah but YOU told me to do it!", I snapped back.
"Coffee up Slaytie...get to work."
And poof...she was gone.

Day 6:
I think my little experiment with "marriage" has a few kinks in it. Look at this:
Aren't those interesting numbers! The progression from love, to a relationship, to a marriage as expressed by those B$ and SA points are no accident or whim of the AI programmers! seems that marriage is too sacrosanct, too "til death do us part", for many, to be trifled with in such a way. A new marriage every month? What was I thinking!

Day 5:
Besties having a night out on the town. 
We’re checking out who else is at the club,
lookin' for hot Himbos and Bimbos to dance with…
maybe they will buy us some shots!

Day 4: Marathon Bimbo
Did you hear?
They are doing a remake of the movie Marathon Man
called "Marathon Bimbo".
In it, the dastardly dentist doesn't ask "Is it safe?" He asks...

"Is it slay?" it?

Day 3 - Slayto and The Code!
Well well well...look what we have here!
Buried deep in the Special Collections room in the catacombs of The City Library!
What in the name of X marks the spot is written on those old, yellowed, sticky parchment pages?'s what happened:

Scouring the stacks I was able to find the shelves that hid the DOOR to the SC room. was locked! So...
I went and had a little chat with the Librarian...
"Oh yes. There is a room...but no one ever asks about it. I do have the key. It is around my neck, at the end of this chain."
And she ran her finger down the chain...which disappeared into her corset.
And she told me to reach in and GET IT!

Well! I mean what! (channeling Bertie Wooster!)
I grabbed the key, went and unlocked the door, and down I descended...into what would turn out to be the greatest discoveries of my Ximboland Life! a special glass case...dusty and dull with time and grime, was the pristine, flawless, single and only print in existence of "The Code of the Duelslayer"...the book whispered about in the flatland bars and was real! And I had it in my wonderfully smooth and sexy hands with those wonderfully manicured nails! (thanks Beryls!) With Slayto and The Code tucked under my arm I quickly made an exit.

Dropping the key on the desk in front of the Librarian, and signing the checkout form for the 2 books, I smiled, being careful to disguise my beaming excitement, and beelined it back to my office in the Senate Chambers.

Day 2:
This craze is just what I’ve been hoping for.  Extra points for hanging out in the City Library.  I have heard that if you use the right artifacts, and enough of them…that you can get access to something called the Special Collections room.  It is supposedly under the library floor, and there is a door hidden in the book shelves in the back…that leads to some sort of catacomb.  I’m not very comfortable with dark damp spaces…but I have longed since my first day in Ximboland to find this one book…whispered about back in the Flatlands…of some ancient Codes relations to duels…so I’m headed to the Library now.  I hope I don’t get caught snooping around any forbidden areas…but I must know if this book exists:

Day 1:
OMG!  Someone leaked my test scores!  How embarrassing...

06.12.2022 20:30:40
Did someone say they wanted a new minigame?
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28.12.2022 15:49:07

this is so intresting 

28.12.2022 15:49:07


scan to be your hoe ❦


Level 89
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 556202
Reputation: 43161
Posts: 762
23.01.2023 00:27:35

Day 20
Fashion Week Part 2 - Nightmare
"Dreams that make you alert, waking you up with your heart racing in a terror. Do you wake up from one nightmare just to figure out you didn't actually awake and instead entered another one? Perpetual or not, nightmare is a nightmare."

Day 19
I stand in solidarity with Hair! My Achilles Heal!

Day 18
What’s your state’s “State Tv Series”?
if Reasonopia had one, I would vote for The Paradise.

What is your “State Movie”!?  
What’s playing at your island’s movie theater right now?
Mine is showing The Cheyenne Social Club.
Jack and Dad are starring in it!

Day 17 -
Thoughts for the Day
"Now, the value of an idea has nothing whatsoever to do with
     the sincerity of the man who expresses it."
"The reason we all like to think so well of others
     is that we are all afraid for ourselves. The basis of optimism is sheer terror."
"Nowadays most people die of a sort of creeping common sense,
     and discover when it is too late that the only things one never regrets
     are one’s mistakes."
Oscar Wilde - 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'

Day 16


Day 15
I woke up this morning and found this...

...from Robin. Slayer.  Her Personal Heaven.
"Slayto, what do you think?"
"I think Robin has the gift, Katie."
"Me too."

Day 14
Slayto: "How are those newly designed Weekly Duels Trophies coming along, Katie? You know...the ones with my name on it!"
Katie: "Yes everyone knows your name is on it, Slayto...and they are coming along fine. They will be out and delivered this week I hope..."
Slayto: "Ok. Good."
Sheesh...what a nudge...
Slayto: "What was that?"
Oh nothing...just stretching my arms...

Day 13
omg...the election flier just came out...

Night 12 -
Verdant Vanille - YouTube

”Slayto, am I losing my mind?”
”Should I be worried?”

Day 11
Is everything in Ximboland slayyyyy? Yep!

Day 10
[Katie and Slayto have gone into hiding...on another Island...probably Secville...]

Day 9
Who killed Cindy Bimbo?

Day 8
Oh. My. God. Mealworm is dueling...and is in FIRST PLACE!

Slayto: "Katie, if those other picket sign people show up this week I'm throwing you in the Duelers Jail."
"Who? You mean Roachmilk and MomsCreditCard?"
"Why? What did they do?"
"Nothing. I just want to throw you in jail so everyone can see you in that joke prison outfit you made...for the entire week! You will have to wear it you know..."
"Omg nooo Slayto.  Please don't...wait...where is this Dueler's Jail at?"
"Under the that catacomb."
"Well Slayto, I have nothing to worry about...because they never duel."

Slayto: "Oh really?"

"...uh oh..."

Day 7
This is a tight race for Slayto's first Gold of 2023 with less than 24 hours to go...

Day 6
Meet the Ximboland Weekly Super Group:  The Sex Appeals

Day 5
The Outfit Battle of The Picket Signs:


Roachmilk has been at it for a looooong time...
Update: Momscreditcard is now in on the Picket Sign Action. This stat is going to need updating! and....slayyyy!

Day 4 - 2023

Day 3
- continued...
Look at Heydi and Katrynah...


...and THIS! Holy Schnikowitz!

Day 3 - 2023
I have raced over to The City Library to look up some things. I need to file a Resolution in The Senate Chamber with the Clerk ASAP. I need to get all my ducks in a row on this one and time is of the essence. I'm stressing big time...More me at the Library if you have the free time. I'll be here for 3 hours.

Day 2 - 2023
Slayto's Weekly Duels continues...see my past entries for eligibility and rewards.

Day 1 - 2023
The Year of The DuelSlayyyer begins.

Day 51 - Happy New Slayyyear! you and all your Besties for 2023! 2022 was Epic here in Ximboland! X-O
...and don't look now but there are 103 pages of N.Y. Debates! Wow!!!

Day 50
I was in a Macys tonight, looking for after Christmas blowouts,
and I noticed something strange on my way up the escalator.
The sign read:

Third Floor
Women’s Dresses
Lingerie and Sleepwear

Day 49
Oh my god...'someone' just put on their "Cloak of Slay"...

Day 48
Well...I made a decision: last night I turned my iPad off at 10pm, shut down my computer, turned off my little Christmas tree, and said - I need a break! 24 hours! Don't log in! Work on yourself! Relax. Read the news (yuck), organize your closet, cook! Watch some hauls on Youtube! Yes. Some holiday down time was in order...just a day. It should be easy peasy.

" did THAT go, Katie?" asked Slayto.
I made it 8 hours...that's it. Oy.

Day 47
3 of the 4 Gold Trophies have been claimed! There is one left. This Week's Gold! Week 52! The Last Duels Week of The Year! Who will claim this Trophy? Will it be a 200+ level Duelslayer? 100+? Or a Level 11 Newcomer? I can't wait to find out!

Day 46
Congratulations to Liveangel on winning last weeks Slayto's Gold Trophy.
Slayto told me she would win!  Oh that Slayto!

Day 45
When you fall in love,
...there is little money involved but lots of Sex Appeal.
When you enter into a relationship,
...the money increases! and the SA stays about the same!
When you get Married
...the money goes through the roof and the SA drops through the floor.
Do these stats mirror life?

23.01.2023 00:27:35
Did someone say they wanted a new minigame?
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23.01.2023 06:31:28

He def needs some makeover :D

23.01.2023 06:31:28
Level 89
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 556202
Reputation: 43161
Posts: 762
23.01.2023 07:29:47

This first page is going to be a mile long…yikes!

23.01.2023 07:29:47
Did someone say they wanted a new minigame?

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Anyone over the age of 18 are welcome to become a Ximbo citizen.

When are the national holidays of Ximbo land?
Jan 1st ­ New years day
Feb 12th ­ Darwin day
Feb 14th ­ Lovers day
March 8th ­ Womens day
March 21st ­ Spring solstice
April 13th ­ The Hitchslap Day (Christopher Hitchens birthday)
May 3rd ­ National day of reason
June 21st ­ World Humanist Day
Aug 2nd ­ The Internet republic of Ximbo land national day
Sep 21st ­ Peace one day
Dec 25th ­ Newtons birthday

What is the currency of Ximbo land?
The Ximbo Dollar (B$). Currently it is pegged in value to the US$

Who is the President of Ximbo land?
Miss Bimbo is the president of Ximbo land. She founded the bimbo nation in 2007 after escaping the tyranny, bigotry and and conservatism of the old world. You can read more about her here and here


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