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About me

"Gorgeous hair is the only Reasonable defense...or offence!" - Slayto's The Slayyypublic
Pinterest - Katie Boutique

Every Day

Day 91
"Ximboland recognizes that reliable knowledge of the world and ourselves arises through a continuing process of observation, evaluation and revision.

"The internet republic of Ximboland values artistic creativity and imagination and recognizes the transforming power of art. Ximboland affirms the importance of literature, fashion, music, and the visual and performing arts for personal development and fulfilment."

Day - 90 SM Election Platform: Final item - You want 'em.  I got 'em.

Day 89
Unofficial Election Platform #1 - Humor
i will use a thing I discovered called “humor”, to try to bring some laughter and light-heartedness to your dreary days and nights.

SM Election Platform #7
i will make sewing tags other than silk, into clothing, illegal.

Day 88
March 2023 Winners.  One to go...

Day 87
HOLY SCHNIKOWITZ x10!  PrincessPixie has broken the concrete ceiling!!!
Stay tuned ... 

Day 86 - SM Election Platform #6
The Duels
The Duel Monthly Trophies are Game Achievements.
I will continue to work towards making the Duel Gold Trophy accessible to all competitors and DuelSlayyers.
This will include a Duels Masterclass, in the Forum, where I will share my own Dueling Strategies, it's failings, successes, and costs, since October of 2022, as well as a complete History of The Duels.

Day 85 - Coming...
My Personal Philosophy of Ximboland and the Game.

I encourage everyone who is qualified, to run for State Minister of Reasonopia. Besides me, there are only four others with Senator Subscriptions. Please...don't let me run unopposed.

Day 84 -SM Election Platform #4
Reasonopia’s State Ideologies
Reasonopia’s State Ideologies are going to get a thorough vetting and a complete overhaul. This includes the categories themselves. Your input is encouraged…but not mandatory. There are 81 active Reasonopians currently. We shall see who shows up to participate in this brainstorming session.. This will take place in the forum, and is a big deal. I’ll explain exactly why…if I am elected. Only an SM has the power to change Official State Ideologies. If I lose…they stay as they are.  Don’t worry…the State Sport isn’t going anywhere…since it is the most popular thing in it, next to the deer and the state color.

Day 83 -  SM Election Platform #3
Contests, lotteries, prizes, rewards, more...

...if elected, there will be 2 of the above each week.
Voting in various forms will be part of the fun.
There will be enough variety for everyone

Day 82 - SM Election Platform #2
"The government is pushing for a place to become the first member of the United Nations that is an internet republic."

If elected, I will begin the process of getting Ximboland admitted to The United Nations, using the Senate Sessions.

Day 82 - SM Election Platform #1 - if elected
Weekly Lottery: "SM's Assistant-Weekly Bestie"

I will be "hiring" (appointing by lottery) an assistant - a new one each week
"Salary" (Reward) - 250
Job requirements: none
Duties: Be Slayyy...have fun.
That's 16 assistants to the State Minister over 4 months.
No application needed. Your Home Page is your resume.
In addition: You will receive a Custom-themed Banner at the conclusion of your week.

Day 81
Opening Salvo of Katie’s SM Election Programme:  Please follow the link below

Day 80
I'm running for Slayyyte Slayyynister of Reaslayyynopia. See My Ximboland Diary for details in the coming days. Slayyy.

Day 79

Day 78
”…and the Oscar for Best Picture goes to…”

Day-amn! 77
Reasonopians currently hold 5 of the top 9 spots in the Weekly Duels with less than 24 hours to go...

Day 76
From a Bimbo-bio...a Truth!
"Update to the way I vote for fights!
"I will always vote for the person with the lowest votes to keep the challenge alive for longer for others to vote! If it is a tie I will ALWAYS vote for the bimbo or himbo on the left since they spent tokens!"

Day 75

Day 74 - Trophy of the Day

Day 73
Update to the Slayto Weekly Duels Contest for the Month of March 2023
For the next 4 week period only those who have not yet won a Slayto Gold Trophy will be eligible to win. This gives us 4 new Slayyyers to add to the team that is already assembled...good luck, duel hard, and slayyy.   Katie and Slayto
Slayyyto's Gold Weekly Duels winners so far...

January 2023 Slayyyto's Gold Winners:

February 2023 Slayyyto's Gold Winners - coming shortly... Trophies for CraigsList-Stripper (Week 5) LiveAngel (Week 6) AnastazjaNadia (Week 7) and PrincessPixie (Week 8)...

(Insert graphic here when you get it done, Katie. ...Slayto)
Sure thing ... sheesh!
What was that?
I said I need to brush my teeth...

Day 72
"Slayto I'm completely delirious right now..."
"Don't stop Katie.  And do not fall asleep!"
{crap} 2 1/2 more hours til 5...
"Yeah...and then you gotta do the whole thing over again...all month!"

The DuelSlayyyer Master Class...
"Coming to the Reasonopia Town Hall Forum in April 2023..."

Day 71
There is a new contest…Twee Time…Twee Fasion…my god I’m in my dressing room right now looking at what I have…I’m going to end up being in here all week.  I am a total Twee Dweeb…but this is not going to be easy…I know I will end up loosing my mind and going boho..and that’s NOT Twee!  Oy…breathe…relax…do your solfège freqs Katie.  You can do this!

Day 70
DuelSlayyyer Alert!

Day 69

Day 68
Twyla left a sweet comment...

I went to her page and saw she was brand new...

She had no comments...I wanted to cry...I blew her a bestie kiss and left a note for her...

I love meeting new future besties...don't you!? 
Enjoy your time here Twyla True!  <333

Day 67
I just bought this cozy, warm, comfy cave in the mountains of Reasonopia.  Stop by for tea sometime.  We can snuggle by the fire and write in our diaries…

For previous days' entries go here:

I miss you...Mom and Dad...


Katie's SM Election Programme is being updated every day ...
The weather has turned on The Minigame Parade!  Take shelter!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ximbo land ?
The Internet republic of Ximbo lands is the worlds first Internet republic.

What is its mission?
To unite the world.

Where is Miss Bimbo was much better than this site.
The Internet republic of Ximbo land was created by Miss Bimbo herself and is its more intelligent successor. The old site was for junior bimbos. This site is for intelligent Ximbos.

What is the national flag of Ximbo land?
Ximbolands Flag

When was the Internet republic of Ximbo land founded

What is the capital city of the Internet republic of Ximbo land?
Bimbo City

How many states make up the internet republic of Ximbo land?
There are 6 states that make up the internet republic of Ximbo lands. They are ­ Atheistia, Freethinkerland, Reasonopia, Agnostica, Secville, and Antitheocra. Bimbo City is the neutral administrative capital and is its own city zone. Boob Island is the home of the President of the Internet republic of Ximbo land

What is a Ximbo citizen?
A ‘Ximbo’ or ‘Ximbo citizen’ is a member of the internet republic of Ximbolands community.

How can I become a Ximbo citizen?
In order to become a citizen of Ximboland you must first pass the Ximbolands citizens test. It is free to become a Ximbo citizen.

What is a Ximbo senator?
A Ximbo senator is a senior member of the Internet republic of Ximbo land. Only senators are eligible to put themselves forward for election to become State Ministers and then ultimately the Prime Ximbo.

Who is the Prime Ximbo?
The Prime Ximbo is the democratically elected head of the Internet republic of Ximbo land.

Where does the Prime Ximbo live?
The Prime Ximbo lives in the Pink House for the 4 month term they are in office.

I want to become Prime Ximbo. How do I do that?
Any Ximbo citizen can become Prime Ximbo using the democratic process. Its a 3 stage process from Senator>State Minister> Prime Ximbo. All Ximbo citizens can vote in general elections but in order to put themselves forward to become Prime Ximbo they must first become a Ximbo senator. All Ximbo senators are electable as state ministers. State Minister elections take place every 4 months also. Only state ministers are eligible to then become the Prime Ximbo.

Can I become Prime Ximbo more than once?
Yes ­ a Ximbo can hold the position of Prime Ximbo for 3 terms max.

How often do elections take place?
The Internet republic of Ximbolands holds elections every 4 months for Prime Ximbo and 4 months for State Minister.

Where do important discussions take place?
The Forum.

What is the treasury/Prime Ximbos salary?
The treasury/salary is the bank account of the Internet republic of Ximbo land. This figure is transferred to the paypal account of the Prime Ximbo at the end of their 4 month term in charge.

How is the treasury calculated?
The treasury is funded by the Ximbo citizens.
A percentage of the money paid by Ximbo citizens via Paypal and SMS is transferred into the Ximbo treasury. The rest is wisely used for further game development.

What's the national colour of Ximbo land?

How old must I be in order to become a Ximbo land citizen?
Anyone over the age of 18 are welcome to become a Ximbo citizen.

When are the national holidays of Ximbo land?
Jan 1st ­ New years day
Feb 12th ­ Darwin day
Feb 14th ­ Lovers day
March 8th ­ Womens day
March 21st ­ Spring solstice
April 13th ­ The Hitchslap Day (Christopher Hitchens birthday)
May 3rd ­ National day of reason
June 21st ­ World Humanist Day
Aug 2nd ­ The Internet republic of Ximbo land national day
Sep 21st ­ Peace one day
Dec 25th ­ Newtons birthday

What is the currency of Ximbo land?
The Ximbo Dollar (B$). Currently it is pegged in value to the US$

Who is the President of Ximbo land?
Miss Bimbo is the president of Ximbo land. She founded the bimbo nation in 2007 after escaping the tyranny, bigotry and and conservatism of the old world. You can read more about her here and here


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