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announcement from ximboglizzy!!!

Level 76
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 345261
Reputation: 27032
Posts: 734
20.11.2023 00:56:53

hey homies!<3

i have quite a few things to mention-

1. i am sorry for the lack of contests this month. i’ve had a lot of things going on in my personal life and things haven’t been super great financially either. tomorrow i will be posting my last contest of the month which also leads me to the next point

2. i am officially retiring from being your SM!!! i had an absolute blast and i want to express all my gratitude for having you guys in secville and being nothing but the absolute best. you guys always gave me so much support even when i came into the SM position clueless as ever! school is getting really chaotic and i’ve already broken some promises that i made (yeah… banners) like thats actually a little embarrassing and i’m sorry it worked out the way that it did. i just genuinely got rocked in the ass with my timing lol so my deepest apologizes for that. i would love to return back to being SM but deeper down the line. :,))

3. SW! good job you guys, it was so rough i’m not even gonna lie. i had no idea wtf to do for a good chunk of it but thank you @morguegirl @favouriteworstnightmare and @honeybee for working with me and answering all my annoying ass questions. i genuinely appreciate it, though we scored last- i think we did awesome with what we had. 

anyways that’s pretty much it, if there’s anyone that’s interested in becoming SM and would like to know more about it, you’re absolutely welcomed to send me a message. :-)))

im sending you guys so so so much love, i hope everyone is having a good day/night! stay tuned for the last contest. :-)))


20.11.2023 00:56:53
click the magic leaf -> 
Level 72
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 286422
Reputation: 129340
Posts: 771
20.11.2023 01:32:40

Dear Ximboglizzy, please worry never. You already did a lot of great things in your State as State Minister ♥️

Real life is always the first and know that eventhough there are times when you did not know what to do,
the fact that you stayed on and did what you can made all things better and brought many joys to all. ♥️ 

Thank you for the good you bring to all in your state as well as all of Ximboland! ♥️

20.11.2023 01:32:40
For me in contests: Participation only. No diamonds please. Only Banners. Thank you. ♥️
Sissy Carina
Level 258
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 16387746
Reputation: 228136
Posts: 3317
20.11.2023 08:49:48
Sissy Carina

You can't say it better than reivalentine.
You really did a great job.

Thank you Ximboglizzy ❤ for being such a wonderful person ❤ and State Minister ❤. ❤❤❤

20.11.2023 08:49:48
Level 149
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 2594466
Reputation: 80122
Posts: 171
20.11.2023 10:34:10

Yep, I totes agree with the comments above. I massively appreciate all the good work you've done as SM babes. Ur the only SM I've known since I've been here but I can't imagine anyone else doing a better job!
Luv ya Liz <33333

20.11.2023 10:34:10
Honey Beee
Level 212
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 7601747
Reputation: 134801
Posts: 2655
20.11.2023 17:19:20
Honey Beee

You killed it angel <3 hope to see you around regardless !!

20.11.2023 17:19:20

alexa pro
Level 121
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 1395680
Reputation: 92319
Posts: 1225
21.11.2023 22:07:29
alexa pro

stopping by from another state to show my appreciation for what you've done for XL as a state minister <333 your passion has not gone unnoticed and your hard work has been wonderful to see!!

21.11.2023 22:07:29
like forum posts!!

Level 60
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 168136
Reputation: 78517
Posts: 2452
22.11.2023 02:47:45

Out of the three SMs Secville has had since I started playing, ximboglizzy is definitely in my top 3!
Hope you enjoy your retirement, princess xxx

22.11.2023 02:47:45
“Then two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic abuse, and I felt the full force of our culture’s wrath for women who speak out.” -Amber Heard
Level 230
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 9971246
Reputation: 154573
Posts: 883
23.11.2023 20:30:24

i know ur not from my state but it's been such a pleasure seeing all that you've done for secville!! love u liz!! <3

23.11.2023 20:30:24
Level 266
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 19275578
Reputation: 104127
Posts: 2823
26.11.2023 16:01:56

Lizzy, you were an amazing SM.  Engagements in this forum by your citizens went through the roof.  It was amazing to watch, and participate in.  I'm from another state, and it got me totally excited!  Your personality and ability to deal with whatever is thrown in your way is a model for success.  I hope someone who loved you will stand up, plant their feet firmly on the floor, and start a programme and run for the position of Slayyte Slayyynister of Secville.  I know three glorious Sexyvillians who would do just fine...but I am going to keep my big mouth shut!  <3 katie

26.11.2023 16:01:56
I need new outfits.  Let's go Shopping...
Level 47
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 79264
Reputation: 32962
Posts: 198
29.11.2023 05:28:40

I'm gonna miss ya in the SM seat, Liz. Even though I'm in the deer state, the state spirit you had going was contagious and you put out some fun joint contests. Let me bestow you with the highest honor a Dad can give! Keep being you, sport!

29.11.2023 05:28:40
C'mere, sport, give your old man a hug!

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