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☆ New SM / Meet & Greet ! ☆

Level 118
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 1303519
Reputation: 41333
Posts: 483
02.12.2023 18:33:49

Hello everyone!! Thank you so much for electing me as your new SM for the next term! This is my first term and I am so excited to work with you all, and I have a bunch of fun things planned—but first, I want to give a massive shoutout to our previous SM, Melpomene, who did an amazing job and made Antitheocra a really fun and lively state to be part of. I will have to work hard to bring forward her energy!!

For those of you who didn't get a chance to read my program (and those who did), here are some fun things I have planned as SM to keep in mind:

 ☆ Continuing the birthday board / birthday prize wheel for active users! Message me on your birthday (or I'll message you) to get a spin on the birthday prize wheel!
 ☆ Monthly Antitheocra-exclusive fashion contests! The first one of these will be occurring in the second half of the month, and I'll make the forum post a pop-up when I post it, so keep an eye out for that! I have a fun first theme planned for this first one that I suspect you all will like ;)
 ☆ Ximbo of the Week: This will happen either weekly or bi-weekly depending on how active members from Antitheocra are being! I will make a thread for this when I share my first winner, but the goal with this is to highlight a friendly, helpful, and active citizen of Antitheocra for their forum and site contributions. You are much more likely to get this if you're active in the forums, especially in Antitheocra Town Hall, so get engaged, let's have some fun!!
 ☆ Monthly prized creative challenges (usually non-fashion) open to all states! I'll be starting my first one of these in the next few days (or today, if it works out) and it will be continuing throughout the month! There will be timelines associated with the activities, so make sure you're logging in so you don't miss anything! There will be higher prizes for more participation <3
 ☆ Fun social threads, particularly one for sharing big life achievements (and good news) so we can all celebrate with you! I'm also planning on making a thread for wellness and self-care tips that everyone will be welcome to contribute to—it's a hard world out there, let's take care of each other!

I also want to emphasize that I am here for you! If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk, feel free to message me. I will try to update my profile to let you all know if I'm going to be inactive for a few days (so check there first), but otherwise I'll get back to you as soon as I can ^-^ I'm here pretty frequently!

Okay, so that's enough about the term and my plans for now! I want to introduce myself and I'd love it if any of you (Antitheocra especially, but out-of-state citizens are welcome to join in as well) would introduce yourself in this thread so I can get to know everyone! You can just plain introduce yourself, or for fun, try to use this format:

 ☆ Name (what you would like to be called, username only is also fine)
 ☆ Pronouns, if you're comfortable sharing them
 ☆ A piece of art that is meaningful to you (song, poem, excerpt from a book, painting, photograph, etc.)
 ☆ aaaand this one's optional, but I'm a really big fan of the Enneagram system of typology, so if you already know your type, feel free to share it, or you can take the Eclectic Energies (Classic) test! However, tests for Enneagram are often fallible because types can look like other types depending on health level and some other more complicated Enneagram things (instinctual subtype, tritype, wing, etc.) that are kind of beyond the scope of this thread, haha. My suggestion for this is that you take the test, then read through the pages of some of the "common mistypes" listed in the description, and any other types high on your results list. The correct Enneagram type should feel a bit like a "call out," perhaps feeling a liiiittle too seen, so if you feel that way, you know it's the one :) If you don't relate at all with your result, read through the pages or through descriptions on Enneagram Institute. Again, this is only if you have some extra time and feel like taking a silly little test, don't worry about it otherwise! I'm just curious.

My answers: You can call me Polly or V, either is fine! I go by mostly they/them pronouns, but I don't really care what you use. Offering by Arden Levine is one of my favorite poems of all time. My Enneagram type is 4, specifically 4w5!

If you read all of this (I write way too much, this is normal for me haha), thank you so much! I am so excited to lead your state and again, let me know if there is absolutely anything that you need! Lots of love to all of you and Happy Holidays!


02.12.2023 18:33:49
Join February Art Fight (all states) and Styling Impressionism, the February Antitheocra fashion contest! ♥
Here is my well-sourced educational forum post about Israel's apartheid and genocide of Palestinians on the Gaza Strip, please educate yourself or you may fall for propaganda! 

Level 45
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 68882
Reputation: 31340
Posts: 431
02.12.2023 18:58:27

My Name Is Edvich, I had to add a T to my username because the name was taken, but I've come to enjoy nd prefer it
I go by any pronouns
A piece of art that is meaningful to me would have to be the album Tyranny by the Voidz
I had never heard of Enneagram until just now, so I was pretty curious to take the test. I also got 4w5 after the test but didn't look into it any further so that might be wrong.
I am happy to have you as SM nd look forward to the events!

02.12.2023 18:58:27
Level 194
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 5762437
Reputation: 78155
Posts: 852
02.12.2023 20:13:44

Greeting, successor :D I see you're starting out well! <3 You know me a little already, but it never hurts to participate:

I am Melpomene, Melp or Mel for short. She/her (they/them is also fine)
This is an illustration by Martta Wendell (a famous Finnish artist and illustrator who died before I was born). Last summer, I went to see an exhibit with thousands of images of her art in it. Saw thousands of pastel images of gnomes, children playing, women doing housework. This was one of the last images I saw in the hall, and I instantly found something incredible magnetic about it. Maybe it's the harsh contrast or the captivating stare? (Not intimidating or alluring, just friendly and maybe a little mysterious.) I bought an overpriced postcard with it on the front and now it goes places with me to inspire me. Idk, I just really like it for some reason?

This was my first time doing an enneagram. Kinda fun I guess? 9w1, it said. I suppose the description of this "Peacemaker" sounds somewhat familiar

02.12.2023 20:13:44

Nothing atm :) 

Level 229
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 9857454
Reputation: 151406
Posts: 868
02.12.2023 20:29:54

ediblegoats, or ethan! he/him!
art is like, the one thing im good at, and yet the most important piece of art to me is my cat, she absolutely counts as art <3
i took the test since it intrigued me, and i didn't get a straight answer! it said most likely a type 3, or 5w6/6w5! 3, 5 and 6 were all extremely close, i have no clue what this means :)

im so excited to have you as our SM polly!! i loved seeing you around before you were elected, i can't wait to see what you'll do now! <3<3

02.12.2023 20:29:54
Level 118
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 1303519
Reputation: 41333
Posts: 483
02.12.2023 22:22:51

hi edvich! I just listened to "Dare I Care" from that album and I love the instrumentals, super fun!! glad to have a fellow 4 around! <3

mel, that is absolutely gorgeous art!! i will have to look up more by this artist, super super beautiful work, I love how clean it is. thank you for taking the test!! without knowing you very well personally, I can feel the 9 "vibes," that peaceful, kind, community-oriented energy :)

ethan, thanks for posting!! your cat does count as art (i've seen her in the discord and she is lovely). i'm a cat person myself (have 3) so i totally agree. thanks for taking the test!! enneagram is super confusing so I don't blame you for having no clue, it's a lot to explain (anyone is free to DM me if they actually want to hear more), but thank you for indulging me!! <3  

02.12.2023 22:22:51
Join February Art Fight (all states) and Styling Impressionism, the February Antitheocra fashion contest! ♥
Here is my well-sourced educational forum post about Israel's apartheid and genocide of Palestinians on the Gaza Strip, please educate yourself or you may fall for propaganda! 

Level 68
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 244829
Reputation: 111142
Posts: 667
03.12.2023 02:13:24

A pleasant day and sweet greetings, Dear State Minister Pollyx. ♥️

 Already starting your first term with a great hop. ♥️

Congratulations on your many successes and may your first term be as wonderful as your many other future terms as State Minister. ♥️

For your questions since I don't want to just pass by and not contribute in some way: ♥️

- Rei (shorter and easier to type out) ♥️

- She / her (XX Chromosomes. Also bisexual but happily married to a very accepting straight man. I got VERY lucky. ♥️ )

- Roleplay (From Casual Writing,dress up,etc) ♥️

I can be very naive and ditzy. so I really enjoy experimentation and learning new things. ♥️

Thank you for suggesting typology.♥️

May the days and nights in this State be ever sweet!♥️

03.12.2023 02:13:24

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